J. Pfarr Consulting offers a wide range of resources that can help your organization or community meet its goals. Review product descriptions and purchasing information below.


 tactical communication
Tactical Communication: Law enforcement tools for successful encounters with people from poverty, middle class and wealth  by Jodi Pfarr

In this book, Jodi adapts foundational concepts from Bridges Out of Poverty to help law enforcement create tools that increases officer safety, effectiveness and leadership skills. Also available as an e-book. Purchase through aha Process, Inc’s web site.

 jodis stories
Jodi’s Stories – A Companion Piece to Bridges Out of Poverty DVD 

On this DVD, Jodi tells entertaining and insightful stories that illustrate concepts from Bridges Out of Poverty. Her experience with managing transition housing for Catholic Charities and special needs housing for Salvation Army brings authenticity and meaning to her work. Purchase through aha Process, Inc’s web site

Intersections of Poverty and the ‘Isms’ DVD

In this 30 minute DVD, Jodi shares her thinking on the complexities of where poverty intersects with ageism, racism, sexism, able-bodyism and other “isms.” Purchase through aha Process, Inc’s web site.

Bridges Out of Poverty – Audio Workshop Kit

Now available on CD and in MP3 format, Jodi has captured much of the heart, soul and content of aha! Process, Inc.’s popular workshop, Bridges Out of PovertyPurchase through aha Process, Inc’s web site.